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Solomon design dedicated cajon pickup - Summer NAMM

LoFreq makers announce problem-solving device

Drum mic specialists Solomon have followed up their LoFreq speaker-based kick drum mic with another specialised product for percussionists. The aptly named Puq is a tactile transducer that clamps onto the cajon’s soundhole and can be plugged straight into a DI box (or an effects pedal) via quarter-inch jack.

Assembled by hand in the US, the Puq is a dynamic transducer and Solomon say that this design will provide increased headroom while avoiding the feedback problems associated with using mics on cajons. The passive dynamic pickup motor also means that batteries or phantom power are not required. Solomon say that their aim was to make using a cajon on stage as easy as plugging in an electro-acoustic guitar. The Puq is available now, priced $109.

We got a bit more from designer Henry French at the Summer NAMM show. Watch the overview here.

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