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Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box - Summer NAMM

Ultimate 'studio-recorded' tube amp tone at any volume

OX Amp Top Box is being touted by Universal Audio as the world’s best-sounding guitar amp reactive load box and features built-in speaker cabinet/mic/room emulations (or ‘Rigs'), and UA’s new 'Dynamic Speaker Modeling’ technology. According to UA, the amp top box lets guitarists get the ultimate 'studio-recorded' tone from their tube amps, and all without waking the neighbours.

In a studio setting, this could be particularly useful if a guitarist isn’t yet sure of a part, for instance. Instead of worrying about the wrong guitar part bleeding into the drum mics, take the output from the guitarist’s amp and plug it into OX. Equally, the new amp top box has great potential for use on stage if you want to put guitars through a PA system.

The new OX Amp Top Box is designed to let you play your tube amp in its perfect tonal sweet spot at any volume. Just plug your amp into OX and the idea is that you can then play with authentic ‘edge of destruction’ tones, complete with speaker breakup and cone cry, with UA’s Dynamic Speaker Modeling.

UA are also playing up the build quality in their marketing materials saying that OX is “built for years of home and studio use.” And, with a name like OX, it has to be sturdy.

OX Amp Top Box will be available in the winter for $1299.

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