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SoundGym: new ear training platform launched

Hone your listening skills online

SoundGym EQ Playground

New company SoundGym have released an online training tool to help hone your listening skills — a platform they describe as being like “the gym for your ears”. The browser-based service is divided into four different sections: an EQ trainer, a collection of ear-training games, an 'EQ Mirror' challenge, and a weekly competition.

The EQ trainer involves using a parametric EQ to try and match a given audio sample. SoundGym then compares your EQ work with its own and determines how close you got. Users can train at five different difficulty levels, with more EQ bands available the higher up in difficulty you go.

SoundGym StatsThe games section comprises seven different EQ games, which involve challenges like correctly guessing a particular frequency by ear alone, recognising different filter settings, discerning between subtle EQ changes, and so on.

EQ Mirror is a multi-level challenge, requiring you to sculpt a specific sound using between one and five EQ bands. As you progress through the challenge, more bands are added, so that the filters interact and the required EQ complexity increases.

The weekly challenge will see competitors complete as many EQ challenges as possible within a three-minute timer, with entrants getting points for both accuracy and speed, and the winner receiving a prize of SoundGym's choosing.

SOS has been playing with SoundGym for a little while now, and we've found it both fun to use and educational. The all-important interface is also easily navigable, adding to the friendly user experience. All your scores are stored and sorted too, so that you can see how your hearing acuity has improved over time. We'll be publishing a full review in an upcoming issue of Sound On Sound, but in the mean time, you can try out some of the games for free at the link below.

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