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More percussion from Klevgränd

Slammer combines drums and household objects

Klevgränd Slammer

Swedish plug-in devs Klevgränd have followed up their handy Skaka virtual shaker with another percussion instrument called Slammer. Like Skaka, Slammer majors on ease of use, but in place of shaky eggs and tambourines, it's loaded with a combination of traditional drum kit elements (snares, cymbals and kicks) and everyday metal objects — baking trays, crowbars, buckets, shovels and the like.

All told, there are 30 multi-sampled percussion elements on offer, which you can load into any of Slammer's 12 instrument slots. Once loaded, you can manipulate the slots in a number of ways, including adjusting their pitch, filtering, panning, velocity mapping and decay time, and you can also send each slot to Slammer's built-in reverb and distortion effects. Finally, a set of global tone controls lets you make broad-brush EQ adjustments to the instrument's output.

Slammer ships with 30 presets, ranging “from light and slick to heavy and gritty”, and is available either as a VST3/AU/AAX plug-in for desktop systems, or in AUv3 format for iPad. The desktop version carries a normal price of $39.99, but can currently be scooped up for the intro price of just $24.99. In AUv3 format, it'll normally set you back $15.99, but is likewise being introduced at reduced cost ($9.99).

Check out the video below to hear it in all its jaunty glory.

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