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Spectrasonics update Trilian

Version 1.5 adds sounds, features & more

Spectrasonics Trilian 1.5

Spectrasonics' acclaimed software bass instrument, Trilian, has been upgraded to version 1.5, adding over 200 brand-new patches and dozens of new features along the way.

The arpeggiator has been majorly overhauled, with new features called Pattern Mode, Step Divider and Pitch Slides hinting at new creative possibilities. You can now also apply different chord voicings and inversions on a per-step basis, save and recall arpeggiator presets to a dedicated arpeggio preset library, and capture the MIDI data from your arpeggios for editing in your DAW.

Trilian's synth engine has also been upgraded, with new filter types, polyphonic waveshaping, full modulation of all effects parameters, and enhanced frequency- and ring-modulation options.

Other enhancements include a hi-res resizeable interface, new Mini Browser and Full Browser views, and a Sound Lock function that lets you lock certain parameters while the full gamut of presets.

Trilian 1.5 is available now, and costs £205 in the EU. The update to 1.5 is free to existing Trilian owners.

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