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Spitfire Audio announce Jupiter by Trevor Horn

Latest sample library available to pre-order

Spitfire Audio Jupiter by Trevor Horn sample library

Spitfire Audio’s latest release has been created in a collaboration with pioneering pop producer Trevor Horn. Comprising a selection of drums, bass, synths, pianos and effects, Jupiter has been recorded and produced in Trevor’s own studio, and promises to capture the style and otherworldly sonic character associated with his works.

The library is presented in Spitfire’s Solar plug-in, which is powered by the latest iteration of their eDNA technology. The player makes it possible to blend two different sounds together to create new and interesting patches, including those found in other products in the same range. That means that the company’s previous Solar-based release, Mercury, can be loaded alongside this latest offering to offer even more sonic combinations. Each layer is equipped with its own set of dedicated parameters, including pitch, filter and envelope controls, along with tuning, panning and offset functions. 

Jupiter contains 208 individual sounds which consist of five different instruments, and are organised into a total of 300 presets. A Drums section offers access to Trevor’s private sample archives, offering everything from vintage drum machines to tape-saturated percussion hits, whilst a Bass category comes loaded with bass sounds recorded using the producer’s go-to techniques. A Synths collection provides a range of archived presets accompanied by sounds created by the Spitfire team, and there is also a sampled version of the Bosendorfer grand piano which resides in Trevor's studio. Finally, a collection of ‘stinger’ effects provide a variety of transition sounds.

The library’s sounds are provided in five different ‘Warps’ variations. A Core patch presents the sound as it was recorded, and a Reflect option employs classic gated reverb effects to create abruptly-ending tails. Alias, as its name suggests, introduces aliasing artefact’s by reducing the bit-depth and clock-rate of sounds and sources, and a Calibrate version has been created by running sounds through uncalibrated tape machines. Dimension then employs vintage modulation devices that were commonplace during the 80s.

Spitfire Audio Jupiter by Trevor Horn eDNA Solar plug-in GUIThe library is hosted in Spitfire's eDNA-powered Solar plug-in, which allows two sounds to be layered and individually manipulated.


Jupiter by Trevor Horn runs in Spitfire Audio’s Solar plug-in, which is supported on PCs running Windows 10 and 11, and Macs running macOS 10.15 and above. VST2, VST3, AU and AAX versions are available, and the library requires 45.59GB of disk space.

Pricing & Availability

Jupiter by Trevor Horn will be released on 17 August 2023. Between now and the launch date, anyone who pre-orders can take advantage of discount pricing offer of $99.33£79 including VAT / €88.55. The library’s full price on release will be  $129£99 including VAT / €115. Until 31 August 2023, those who own the company’s Mercury library can purchase Jupiter for $89.01£69.30 including VAT / €79.35.

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