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Spitfire Audio release Abbey Road Orchestra: Low Percussion

Samples 20 drums with up to seven beater options

Spitfire Audio Abbey Road Orchestra Low Percussion orchestral sample library

Spitfire Audio have released Abbey Road Orchestra: Low Percussion, the first sample library in a new flagship series which they say will deliver every section of the orchestra in breathtaking detail.

Performed by world class percussionist Joby Burgess (Black Panther, Mission: Impossible), and engineered by Grammy-winning engineer Simon Rhodes (Skyfall, Avatar), Low Percussion promises to offer users a whole new level of expression, with Spitfire saying the library is the most detailed that they have created to date.

“On hearing this library over the speakers in Studio One’s control room, it sounded – and felt like – Joby was out in the room playing. It’s extraordinary.” - Mirek Stiles, Head of Audio Products, Abbey Road Studios

Spitfire Audio Abbey Road Orchestra Low Percussion orchestral sample library plug-in GUIAbbey Road Orchestra: Low Percussion's GUIA total of 20 drums have been sampled, ranging from orchestral instruments including a 60-inch giant taiko, through to traditional folk instruments. Up to seven beater options per drum are available, and multiple techniques and striking positions have been captured for each individual instrument.

As has become the norm with Spitfire’s larger libraries, a wide range of microphone positions are available, with the plug-in offering users a choice of 16 different signals. Two pre-mixed signals curated by Simon Rhodes are included, whilst the remaining 14 cater to those users who wish to create and fine-tune their own mixes, providing an assortment of sources including spot microphones, section overheads, a Decca Tree array, outriggers, ambient microphones, a selection of microphones place in front of the conductor, and more.

The library also features a built-in impulse response reverb, which has been developed at Abbey Road Studios.


Abbey Road Orchestra: Low Percussion runs within Spitfire Audio’s own plug-in, which is available in AU, VST2, VST3 and AAX formats. The download size for the library is 100.5GB.

Pricing & Availability

Abbey Road Orchestra: Low Percussion is available now for an introductory price of $349£299 including VAT / €349, reduced from its usual price of $449£399 including VAT / €449. A discounted crossgrade price of $309£275 including VAT / €309 is also currently available for anyone who owns Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations, or any SSO library.

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