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Spitfire Originals Cimbalom

New library features renowned percussionist Greg Knowles

Greg Knowles' cimbalom

Spitfire Audio's artist-created Originals series has just gained a new instrument. Originals Cimbalom features samples captured by renowned percussionist Greg Knowles, whose playing you'll have heard on a host of movies, including How To Train Your Dragon, The Golden Compass and the Hunger Games series.

Spitfire Originals CimbalomFor this new library, Knowles' cimbalom — a type of hammered dulcimer — was captured at the legendary AIR Lyndhurst studio in London, with both close mics and a more distant Decca Tree array. It can be played in five preset modes: Performance, Short Damped, Short Sustained, Tremolo, and Warp, the latter using envelopes and sound layering to create synth-like pads and textures.

Like the rest of the Originals series, Originals Cimablom is NKS compatible, and so can be controlled in detail from Native Instruments' S-series controllers. It comprises 1.7GB of samples, and is tantalisingly priced at just £29. Check out the video below to hear the library at work.

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