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Splice launch CoSo musical sketchpad app

A new intelligent surface for music creation

Splice have introduced CoSo, a music creation app for the iOS and Android platforms that integrates with their online royalty-free sample library. Using new AI technology developed by their Machine Learning & Audio Science Innovation Team, Splice have described CoSo as "an intelligent musical sketch pad designed to empower music makers by flipping the process of sound discovery on its head". 

Splice CoSo music creation appCoSo allows users to select a style of music, and add up to eight layers of sounds from Splice’s online catalogue to create new musical ideas, referred to as a ‘Stack’. Swiping a layer to the right will switch to a new sound, with AI ensuring a match with the chosen style and tempo, whilst mute and solo functions are available through a tap or long press respectively. Sounds can be removed entirely with a swipe to the left, and a Shuffle button will generate an entire Stack based on the musical style selected. Once users are happy with their Stack, it can be saved within the app and shared with friends via text or social media platforms. There is also the option to download the layers in Splice, allowing the parts to be imported into a DAW and built upon further.

Users are required to register for a Splice account in order to use the app, with free accounts having access to tens of thousands of sounds. Additional sounds are then available through Splice’s paid subscriptions.

CoSo is free to download, and more information along with instructional videos are available over at Splice’s website.

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