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Steinberg release SpectraLayers 9

New workflow and efficiency improvements

Steinberg SpectraLayers 9 Spectral Audio Editor

Steinberg have launched SpectraLayers Pro 9 and SpectraLayers Elements 9, both of which are available immediately. The industry-leading spectral audio processor receives an updated look that makes it easier to navigate features and functions, real-time auditioning, as well as improvements to workflow and processing tools.

SpectraLayers’ processing is driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence) behind the scenes, offering flexible, powerful and intuitive spectral editing capabilities. Sounds are displayed as visual objects and layers, enabling ultra-precise editing that will suit a variety of applications from music and post-production, sound design, audio restoration and much more.

Fast, Efficient Workflow

At the heart of Steinberg’s updates for SpectraLayer 9 is a focus on increasing the speed of the workflow. Now with real-time auditioning instead of the two-step process of its predecessor, the effects of changes made in SpectraLayers 9 can be heard as they are made, boosting speed and efficiency. The dialog boxes are now non-modal, meaning users can work freely anywhere in the interface, even when a process dialog is open. These dialog boxes also stay open, allowing for multiple changes without having to reopen the process dialog each time. 

More workflow enhancements come courtesy of the new Process and Tool presets. Load in a default or custom Process preset as a starting point, make changes and monitor in real time, and save further presets or reference points for the future. The Tool preset allows for more configuration and a wide range of default options, meaning users can find and create the ideal settings more quickly.

More Improvements

SpectraLayers 9 also incorporates several more essential features. Joining the AI-driven Unmix Stems and Unmix Components processes is the much-requested Unmix Level process. This feature allows users to divide one layer into two from a user-selected amplitude split point, and preview changes made to the two layers independently.

The De-Bleed process first debuted in SpectraLayers 8 has been further tweaked to now work across multiple layers. This AI-assisted process makes it easy to reduce the amount of spill across tracks, with multiple bleed source layers that can be applied to the target layers each time for faster, higher quality de-bleeding.

Further accuracy and precision can be achieved with the new Cursor Crosshair view, giving crosshair lines that span the entire spectral graph. This comes with an option to display time and frequency coordinates next to the cursor, helping users to keep their eyes fixed on the target audio whilst working.

Good news for Mac users, as Steinberg have optimised SpectraLayers 9 for use with Apple silicon processors. Whether running standalone or in parallel with your DAW of choice in ARA mode, everything works faster. AI-assisted operations, real-time previews, processing with compatible plug-ins and more perform smoothly on Mac computers with Apple silicon. ARA transfer times are also now 20 times faster, Generate Silence/Tone/Noise processes have been improved, and there is a playback output gain control for setting an appropriate level specifically for spectral editing operations.

Marketing Manager Luis Dongo: "With SpectraLayers 9 we wanted to focus on the speed of workflow, as time is of the utmost importance when editing hundreds or thousands of files. With real-time dynamic spectral processing, increased data transfer speed in ARA mode and the addition of presets for all tools and processes, we are sure that our users will appreciate how much time they will save when working with SpectraLayers 9.”


Full-license retail versions of SpectraLayers Pro 9 and SpectraLayers Elements 9 are available now through the Steinberg Online Shop, along with various updates, upgrades and crossgrades.

From 29 June to 21 July 2022, both editions of SpectraLayers are available at an introductory offer of 20% off.
Customers who have activated SpectraLayers Pro 8 and SpectraLayers Elements 8 since 1 June 2022, are eligible for a free, downloadable grace period update to the latest respective version.

SpectraLayers Pro 9: €299$299.99
SpectraLayers Elements 9: €79.99$299.99

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