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Dear Reality immersive plug-in updates

Now include Sennheiser’s patented Clarity algorithm

Dear Reality Sennheiser Clarity immersive audio plug-in update

Immersive audio specialists Dear Reality have announced a series of updates to their spatializer, monitoring and mixing plug-ins. The dearVR PRO and dearVR MUSIC plug-ins now include Sennheiser’s patented AMBEO Clarity algorithm, allowing higher quality binaural productions with less audible frequency colouration. Additionally, dearVR PRO and dearVR MONITOR now fully support Apple Logic Pro’s multi-channel formats and Dolby Atmos workflows up to the 7.1.4 format, whilst dearVR MIX, dearVR MONITOR, dearVR PRO and dearVR MUSIC all now feature fully native Apple silicon support.

The inclusion of Sennheiser’s AMBEO Clarity algorithm enables users of Dear Reality plug-ins to reduce unwanted signal alterations resulting from head-related transfer functions (HRTF), which the manufacturer says takes binaural processing to the next level. “A human voice, for example, is so familiar to us that even slight changes already have a huge impact, while synthesized sounds need stronger binaural filtering to be perceived as coming from the correct direction,” explains Christian Sander, co-CEO of Dear Reality.

Dear Reality have also expanded the Spatial Headphone Compensation feature in dearVR MONITOR and dearVR MIX with additional headphone models, with the two plug-ins now supporting Sennheiser’s entire professional studio headphone range from the HD 25 through to the open-back HD 400 PRO.

More information about the Clarity feature can be found on the Dear Clarity website.

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