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Summer NAMM: Telefunken M80 (Video)

Handheld Dynamic Microphone
Telefunken USA are now shipping their M80, the first handheld vocal model in their range of high-class microphones. The M80 is a cardioid dynamic mic with a frequency response of 30Hz to 18khz. According to the manufacturers, it has a very low-mass diaphragm (so is very sensitive to transients), and its output transformer is made by the same American company, AMI/TAB-Funkenwerk, that make the transformers found in the rest of the Telefunken USA range.

Despite its 'stage vocal' look, the M80 hasn't been designed with a specific application in mind. In fact the designers say that it's suitable for vocals, snare drum, guitars and horns, both in the studio and on stage. They also say the its rubberised body and rugged chrome basket should keep the sensitive components safe and sound, even after serious abuse!

For more information, visit the Telefunken USA web site and check out the video below.

In the UK, Unity Audio handle Telefunken USA's distribution.
Unity Audio +44 (0)1440 785843

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