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Tierra Audio launch Gravity Mix & Master compressor

Company's first digitally controlled outboard unit

Tierra Audio Gravity Mix & Master analogue outboard compressor limiter expander digital control plug-in

Along with their range of microphones, Tierra Audio manufacture a selection of high-quality outboard equalisers, compressors and preamps, as well as a 16-channel summing mixer, all of which are purely analogue. However, the company say that a few years ago they decided that the opportunities offered by digital algorithms and communications became too exciting to ignore, so in 2017 they set about designing a hybrid unit that offered the best of both worlds. The result has now arrived in the form of the Gravity Mix & Master, a compressor, limiter and expander that offers digital control over not just its settings, but also the temperature of its internal components!

Design Process

The company have spent over five years refining the design, trialing over 100 circuit iterations to find the best possible combination of components, and building dozens of prototypes to ensure the final product offered the best performance possible. The audio signal path is 100% analogue, with the digital elements providing precise control that can be taken care of by a VST3/AU/AAX DAW plug-in (or web-based mobile plug-in). As well as offering recall of the front-panel parameters, the plug-in also utilises the company’s Smart Ambience Technology, which will make sure that the temperature of the internal components is precisely matched with figures from previous sessions.

Key Features

Gravity Mix & Master is a two-channel device and offers five possible modes of operation: Stereo, Dual Mono, Mid-Side, Serial Mono and Parallel Mono. Absolute and relative parameter linking options are provided, and both internal and external stereo side-chain options are available — which benefit from variable high-pass, low-pass and notch filters — whilst a Blend control provides built-in parallel compression. Ratio options of 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 8:1, 10:1 and 15:1 are joined by a >20.1 limiter option, and the unit can also function as an expander as well as a compressor/limiter. There’s also a Knee Shaper function equipped with Soft, Medium and Hard options. Along with global bypass and mute functions, its possible to independently bypass the unit’s threshold, make-up gain and blend controls.

Tierra Audio Gravity Mix & Master analogue outboard compressor limiter expander digital control plug-inAs with Tierra Audio's other units, the Gravity Mix & Master's front panel sports a sustainably sourced wood finish.

Tierra Audio have also included an onboard A/B/C preset system that can be used to quickly switch between different settings while in Stereo, Dual Mono or Mid-Side modes, and the device comes loaded with a selection of presets designed for a range of instruments and musical genres.

Pricing & Availability

Pricing and availability information for the Gravity Mix & Master is yet to be announced.

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