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Two notes Jeff Stinco cabinet collection

Cabinet models from the collection of Simple Plan guitarist

Two notes Jeff Stinco Anthology amp cabinet models plug-in

Two notes Audio Engineering have announced the latest release their latest Artist Series, The Jeff Stinco Anthology.

The collection features seven DynIR cabinet models captured from the personal collection of Jeff Stinco, lead guitarist of Simple Plan, which can be used in the company’s Torpedo Wall of Sound software and Torpedo-embedded hardware such as the Captor X, CAB M+, and a range of third-party products from REVV, Victory Amplification and many more.

Included in the selection of cabinet models are Jeff’s “Secret Sauce” Marshall 4x12, a Bogner 4x12, a 1964 Vox AC30, a Two-Rock 2x12 fitted with twin WGS-Designed TR1265B speakers, and an incredibly rare 1964 Fender Deluxe 1x12 fitted with a genuine Oxford 12L5 ceramic magnet driver. All of the responses were captured at MoonSun Studios in Laval, under the watchful eye of Andy Cherna of Diffusion Audio.

Pricing & Availability

The Jeff Stinco | Anthology is available now exclusively from the Two notes website, priced at $55€55. Individual cabinets from the collection are available for $10€10.

Customers purchasing The Jeff Stinco Anthology are eligible for free full lifetime licence to Two notes’ Torpedo Wall of Sound software, in which The Jeff Stinco Anthology can be used to full effect. Two notes Torpedo hardware users (Captor X and C.A.B. M+) can also use The Jeff Stinco Anthology via the Torpedo Remote Desktop and Mobile application.

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