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UAD platform updated to v7.4 with Fairchild and Maag plug-ins

Fairchild 660/670 and Maag Audio EQ4 plug-ins released

Universal Audio's Fairchild 660 limiter plug-inUniversal Audio's Fairchild 660 limiter plug-inUniversal Audio aren't used to resting on their laurels – their latest update to their UAD platform comes only a month after their last – and version 7.4 adds two new plug-ins: the Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection and the Maag EQ4.

The Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection ($299) comprises recreations of both the stereo Fairchild 670 and mono 660 limiters. Both are modelled on 'golden-reference' units from the legendary Ocean Way Studios. This isn't the first time the engineers at Universal Audio have recreated a Fairchild. Apollo and UAD users will be familiar with the popular Fairchild 670 legacy plug-in, released in 2004. 

According to UA, the time constants and gain reduction curves have been improved in the new plug-ins and, in an a first for the company, the complete tube-powered amplifier and transformer sections of the hardware counterparts have been modelled.

The new Maag EQ4 plug-in developed by Brainworx for UADThe new Maag EQ4 plug-in developed by Brainworx for UADThe hardware version of the Maag EQ4, originally designed by Cliff Maag and reviewed in July 2013, was intended to provide transparency and top-end presence while maintaining a natural sound. It is known for it's unusual 'Air Band' control which is claimed to boost treble frequencies without harshness or hiss. Developed by Brainworx, the Maag EQ4 plug-in is a digital emulation of the hardware unit and is available now from the UA online store for $229.

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