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Unity Audio launch robust speaker stands

Monolith speaker stands announced

Unity Audio Monolith speaker stand.Unity Audio recently launched their own line of studio monitors, and they’ve followed it up with a robust-looking speaker stand. Constructed from 5mm steel, the stand is available with either one or three hollow legs, which Unity say can be filled with sand to increase the stand's mass and further decouple your speakers from the floor.

The legs have adjustable heights so you can raise or lower your speakers to be level with your ears, and the top plates have been drilled with holes. This allows you to fit spikes to reduce contact between the speaker and the stand, and the stand and the floor (Unity say this is particularly useful in control rooms with resonant floors).

The plates’ dimensions are 300m x 300mm, though custom sizes are also available, and the stand’s height is 830mm at its lowest, and 1380mm at its highest. Both models weigh in at around 38kg, and are set to retail for £217 for the one-legged version and or £346, for the three-legged version.

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