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Warm Audio expand guitar pedal range

Centavo and Warmdrive

Warm Audio Centavo Warmdrive guitar overdrive effects pedal

Warm Audio have announced the release of two new guitar pedals, the Centavo, and the Warmdrive, adding two authentic recreations of classic devices to their range of guitar effects. The former recreates the Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive, whilst the latter clones the Hermida Audio Zendrive.


Warm Audio say that the Centavo offers all of the tones of the original device, ranging from a clean boost to overdrive, with the pedal also well suited to pushing other pedals or amp channels into distortion. The pedal also features a switch that engages the infamous ‘Jeff Beck Mod’, which extends the pedals low end response by changing the value of the high pass filter.

The Centavo is equipped with Gain, Treble and Output controls, and uses a buffered bypass. Premium components have been used throughout, including TL027 op-amps, 1N34A germanium diodes, and carbon resistors. Power can be delivered via a 9V battery or by a standard 9V DC power adapter, with the pedal consuming 40mA.


Much like the original Zendrive, the Warmdrive recreates the tones of the highly sought-after Dumble Overdrive Special amplifier. Voice and Tone controls allow users to alter the frequency both before and after the clipping stages respectively, creating dynamic sounds that can almost seem like two guitar signals being played at once.

Once again, the company have used high-quality components, with the Warmdrive employing 2N7000 MOSFETs, carbon resistors, and an NE5532 op-amp. Power can be delivered via a 9V battery or by a standard 9V DC power adapter, and the pedal consumes 25mA.

Pricing & Availability

Both pedals are available now from authorised Warm Audio retailers worldwide. The Centavo is priced at $179, and the Warmdrive at $149.

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