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Warm Audio release WA-8000

New mic based on the legendary Sony C-800G

Warm Audio WA-8000

Warm Audio have been building affordable homages to classic mics for a number of years, but the newly announced WA-8000 might be their most ambitious yet. It aims to capture the sound of Sony's renowned (and wildly expensive) valve microphone, the C-800G.

The Warm Audio WA-8000 is on sale now, and priced at just $1199 in the States, €1349 in Europe and £1159 in the UK — or roughly a tenth of the price of the real thing!

Warm Audio were kind enough to give us access to the mic in advance of today's announcement, and we can now share our exclusive, in-depth review. To find out what we thought of it, and to check out some studio recordings we made with the WA-8000, click here.

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