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Warm Audio unveil WA-1B compressor

Features hand-wired discrete signal path

Warm Audio WA-1B Tube-Tech optical valve outboard hardware compressor replica

The latest addition to Warm Audio’s range of hardware compressors offers the company’s take on the sought-after sound of Tube-Tech’s CL 1B. Boasting an all-valve, transformer-balanced design, the WA-1B promises to recreate the sound of the renowned processor and deliver all of its forgiving, musical character.

All of the controls found on the original are present, with a continuously variable ratio control ranging from 2:1 to 10:1 offering precise control and catering to everything from subtle control to heavy-handed compression. A three-way switch provides a choice of three attack and release behaviours: Fixed, Manual or a combined Fixed/Manual mode. Fixed mode relies on the natural response of the unit’s optical element, whilst Manual allows users to adjust the times of each using the front panel controls. Fixed/Manual then combines the release times of the two modes but retains a fixed attack.

The unit features a 270V circuit with hand-wired through-hole circuitry and a discreet all-analogue signal path; high-quality components are employed throughout, including transformers from Lundahl, and Warm Audio say that they have carefully designed the WA-1B to offer ultra-fast and accurate operation without sacrificing the sound of the design that inspired it.

The device’s input and output are available on both XLR and quarter-inch TRS connectors, and an additional pair of quarter-inch TRS sockets offer side-chain send and return signals. Mains power is delivered to an internal PSU via an IEC inlet.

Pricing & Availability

The WA-1B is available now, priced at $1199£1159 including VAT / €1349.

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