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RME ADI-2 Remote released

Final version now available

RME ADI-2 Remote software control application Mac Windows iPad

RME have announced that the final version of their ADI-2 Remote software application is now available, providing users of ADI-2 series converters and headphone amplifiers with detailed control over their device’s settings from a computer or iPad.

The ADI-2 Remote application makes it possible to control parameters such as the onboard parametric EQ, Loudness and Crossfeed settings, as well as switching between different filter options for the D-A converter stage. EQ settings or entire device setups can be saved and loaded to and from a host computer or iPad, making it simple to save settings for specific gear or applications and share them with other users or systems.

The software can be used alongside the ADI-2 DAC, ADI-2 Pro AE, ADI-2 Pro and FS, ADI-2 Pro FS R BE and ADI-2/4 Pro SE. It consists of several pages: Line Input (for the 2 Pro and 2/4 Pro); Line Output, which offers a page per output; Device, which provides access to all functions not related to individual channels; and a PEQ Editor that allows EQ curves to be edited, saved or loaded without affecting the currently active EQ settings.

The software communicates via the device’s USB 2.0 connection using a USB MIDI port.


ADI-2 Remote is supported on Windows 10 or higher (and requires Direct3D 12 support along with RME’s MADIface series driver v0.9827 or higher), and Macs running macOS 10.11 and above. The iPad version will run on all iPads with iOS 12.4 or later.


ADI-2 Remote is available now as a free download from the RME website.

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