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Warm Bender & RingerBringer pedals from Warm Audio

Classic fuzz and ring modulation effects join pedal range

Warm Audio Warm Bender RingerBringer Tone Bender MoogerFooger MF-201 replica clone remake fuzz ring modulation guitar synth effects pedals

Warm Audio have announced the launch of two new guitar effects pedals, the Warm Bender and RingerBringer. The former recreates two versions of the iconic Tone Bender fuzz as well as providing a third, modern alternative, and the latter offers the company’s take on Moog’s MoogerFooger MF-102 ring modulation unit.

Warm Bender

Warm Audio Warm Bender Tone Bender replica clone remake fuzz guitar effects pedalWarm Bender comes equipped with three circuit options.Warm Bender comes equipped with three switchable circuit options. The first is a two-transistor fuzz circuit that employs NOS (new old stock) OC76 and STF337 components, and promises to deliver the bright, edgy and cutting tones of the original silver and black pedal, whilst the second utilises a trio of NOS OC75 transistors and offers the darker sound associated with later designs.

Along with the two vintage options, Warm Audio have also included a third option, which is another three-transistor design that features modern silicon-based alternatives to the germanium components used in the other two circuits. The setting is said to bridge the gap between vintage fuzz and modern distortion, delivering smoother sustain and exhibiting some natural compression.

Each transistor used in the pedal is hand-tested by Warm Audio and subject to tight tolerances, with the final pedals also individually checked over by the company’s experienced in-house technicians.

“We’re very happy to deliver accurate recreations of some of guitar's most notorious & niche tones. Warm Bender is like nothing else on the market in that it delivers three separate Tone Bender fuzz circuits in one stomp box for players to choose from, in a pedalboard-friendly format. Not only do you now have access to two of the original Tone Bender circuits, but a brand new circuit that delivers a modern, distortion-like take on this legendary fuzz circuit. To top it off, we even added a SAG switch for guitarists who want that power-starved tone.” - Bryce Young, founder & president of Warm Audio


Warm Audio RingerBringer MoogerFooger MF-201 replica clone remake ring modulation guitar synth effects pedalRingerBringer accepts line-level signals and offers CV inputs. The second new addition to Warm Audio’s expanding pedal range recreates Moog’s popular modulation effects unit, offering everything from light lo-fi modulation to piercing, infinite ringing. RingerBringer features an all-analogue signal path, with components such as TL072ADR op-amps and MMBT3904 transistors promising to deliver a true recreation of the sound of the original device.

Both instrument and line-level inputs are happily accepted, and along with the audio I/O the pedal is also equipped with a range of CV inputs that allow the Rate, Amount, Mix and Freq (frequency) parameters to be modulated by external sources, as well as Carrier input and output connections and an output from the LFO.

Again, each pedal undergoes a meticulous inspection and testing procedure at the hands of Warm Audio's expert technicians before shipping.

“With RingerBringer, we’re bringing back the full functionality and all-analogue tone of a pedal that real modulation fans will truly appreciate. The beauty of this pedal is its ability to creatively craft tones, from subtle to aggressive, just like music trailblazers who used the original pedal including RadioHead, NIN, The Mars Volta, Jeff Beck, and others. This pedal definitely goes beyond guitarists and we think it will be a musical asset for bass & synth players, sound designers and producers who want to explore the boundaries of tones and textures.” - Bryce Young, founder & president of Warm Audio

Pricing & Availability

The Warm Bender and RingerBringer are available to purchase now, priced at $199£209 including VAT / €219 and $219£229 including VAT / €249 respectively.

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