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Wave Arts release MultiDynamics 7

Multi-band compressor plug-in

Wave Arts MultiDynamics 7

Wave Arts have announced the release of MultiDynamics 7, a multi-band dynamics processor designed for a wide range of applications. MultiDynamics 7 combines the benefits of EQ and compression, Waves Arts aiming to provide users with possibilities beyond the capabilities of EQ or single-band dynamic processors alone.

MultiDynamics 7 features a sleek redesigned interface, customisable view options and the ability to toggle between interface sizes. The sidechain capability allows each band to be driven by the input or external sidechain input. The plug-in's Learn feature sets thresholds based on peak or RMS levels, which is meant to assist the user when setting up an effect. 

Other additions include a peak limiter, extended gain and threshold ranges, input controls with meters and gain control, a metering section, as well as helpful features such as an info bar and infinite undo/redo.

Pricing & Availability

MultiDynamics 7 is available now for $99£99.81.

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