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Waves launch free Waves Tracks Live

DAW for live recording now available

Earlier this week, Waves released their new DAW software for live recording: Tracks Live. The basic version is free, and has some very useful features for live sound engineers including 256 tracks, per-channel input monitoring, a multi-channel re-routing engine for quick virtual soundchecks and a system lock to protect against accidental key pressing. It also allows 192kHz recording (interface permitting) and runs on both Windows and Mac with any ASIO/Core Audio audio interface.

The Premium version, which still only costs $99, gives you MultiRack (normally $600), Waves' software host for their plug-ins. The paid-for version also adds phone and email tech support as well as priority updates and bug fixes. 

While the software is unlikely to replace your main DAW of choice — its editing features are minimal — it might just have the right combination of tools to let you quickly and reliably capture live recordings. It also exports audio that is compatible with most other DAW software.

Here's what Waves have to say about it:

Waves Audio announces the availability of Waves Tracks Live, a multitrack recording software solution created with and for live sound engineers and designed to capture live performances of any kind, from the smallest gig to the largest production.  

Tracks Live enables easy switching between stereo out and multi-out modes, allowing you to toggle back and forth between recording and virtual soundcheck with the click of a button. The automatic multichannel re-routing engine also adapts to any changes you make on the fly, making it easier than ever to set up big shows with hundreds of tracks. 

Designed with close attention to every detail to ensure superior user experience, Tracks Live will make your live recording process faster, easier and absolutely reliable.  

• ASIO/Core Audio-compatible and works with virtually any audio interface
• PC- and Mac-compatible
• Record and play back hundreds of tracks
• Supported sample rate of up to 192 kHz
• File formats compatible with all popular DAWs
• Automatic track routing configuration
• Fast switching between recording and virtual soundcheck
• Meter bridge view for easy monitoring
• System lock (to protect against accidental key pressing)

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