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Whatabaudio release Zebra 2 expansion for composers

New library for U-he's soft-synth is all killer, no hygge

Whadabaudio Crime Fundamentals

If the artwork for Whatabaudio's new soundset for U-he's Zebra 2 soft-synth reminds you of a gritty Nordic TV drama, that's quite appropriate: Crime Fundamentals is aimed squarely at film and TV composers scoring for the crime genre. Indeed, its creator — film composer and sound designer Andreas Moisa — tells us he was specifically inspired to make it by the moody soundtracks to programmes like Marcella, Blacklist, Broadchurch and The Sinner.

Crime Fundamentals boasts hundreds of eerie sounds, from reverb-drenched pads and atmospheres to suspenseful swells, urgent percussive backings and ominous bass tones. They're all categorised by type and ready to use out of the box, but can of course be extensively manipulated using Zebra 2's synth-style controls.

It's reasonably priced too, at just €29, and there's even a free demo available, which contains eight patches and can be used without any limitations. So, next time you get a call from a Netflix producer asking you to score a bleak Scandinavian drama about a brilliant but troubled detective trying to save his marriage while investigating a series of grizzly murders, you know where to turn...

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