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Yamaha put the ‘i’ in mLAN interfacing

New i88 mLAN interface aims to be the hub of a Firewire studio

Yamaha’s new i88x audio and MIDI mLAN-compatible interface provides up to 18 simultaneous inputs and outputs at 24-bit/96kHz and can be used as a stand-alone computer I/O device or as an input or expansion unit in an mLAN network.

In addition to a MIDI In and Out, the i88x features two mic and six line inputs, eight line outputs, all balanced, eight-channel ADAT digital I/O and stereo S/PDIF input and output.

The two mic channels have preamps based on the designs found in Yamaha’s high-end DM2000 and 02R96 digital mixing consoles, and feature phantom power, balanced insert points and peak warning LEDs. Channel one can also be switched to act as a high-impedance instrument input. Each analogue input channel has its own gain control and there are separate monitor and master output gain controls, as well as a quarter-inch headphone out.

The i88x also supports 96kHz ADAT (in addition to 44.1 and 48kHz) when in ‘ADAT Double’ mode and can sync to itself, to the ADAT input or to the mLAN buss. Drivers for Windows XP and Mac OS 9 are supplied. The unit is not expected to go on sale until June, but its price should be in the region of £1000.

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