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Zipper Noise FREQUIA Technical Ear Training

Adaptive, personalised ear training for audio engineers

Zipper Noise FREQUIA Technical Ear Training

Zipper Noise have released a new technical ear training program called FREQUIA, which the company claims is the world's most advanced of its kind. The team have researched critical listening and technical ear training techniques for over a decade, and this standalone macOS application aims to provide training personalised to users in an advanced yet easy to use package.

Critical listening is an integral part of music performance and production, and FREQUIA is designed to help develop these skills. FREQUIA trains users to build an internal reference and develop long-term memory for the sound of a multitude of filters and EQs at different frequencies, gain levels and Q values. Better critical listening abilities lead to a multitude of benefits, whether sculpting sounds, finding and fixing problem frequencies, or hearing subtle differences in timbre.

The training program is personalised to suit each user's performance profile, meaning they get to spend more time focusing on the areas they need to improve. Exclusive to the FREQUIA ear training program, users can sweep the frequency spectrum and hear the parameters changing in real time with the Sweep Enable function. With the choice of eight industry-standard equalisers, FREQUIA users will be guided through five training modes across 81 different training setups. This results in the possibility of over 3,200 unique training scenarios, more than enough to get your ears up to scratch!

On release FREQUIA supports Mac-OS systems running both Intel and Apple silicon processors.

You can enjoy a fully functional 10-day free trial of the software from the FREQUIA Store, or purchase a full licence for $59.

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