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IK Multimedia release Beat Machines

Vintage drum machine samples and MIDI patterns for SampleTank 4

IK Multimedia Beat Machines vintage drum machine sample library

Beat Machines from IK Multimedia is an extensive collection of round robin samples that have been meticulously captured from 100 analogue drum machines and rhythm units, as well as over 300 MIDI patterns, all designed to take advantage of the powerful features and effects offered by the company’s SampleTank 4 software.

Capturing the most recognisable sounds from a collection of vintage instruments such as the early Ace Tone machines and iconic TR-808 and 909 units, as well as a variety of modern drum machines and synthesizers, IK Multimedia say that the collection is packed with endless inspiration, covering genres from ‘60s swing, to ‘80s hip-hop, ’90s house and beyond. All of the devices have been recorded with round robin samples to best capture the feeling of the originals, and SampleTank’s DRIFT algorithm has been put to use, helping to add further movement to the samples for maximum animation.

IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 sampler plug-inIK Multimedia SampleTank 4 GUIOver 200 kit presets are included, and have been mapped to the General MIDI drum mapping standard allowing them to be instantly dropped into any DAW session. This mapping is also consistent with other drum kits available for SampleTank 4, allowing users to mix and match kit components or even to layer entire kits. In addition to the main kits, there are also hundreds of ‘single element’ presets included. This enables users to utilise SampleTank 4’s Multi Mode to construct custom kits using up to 16 elements from different devices.

Multi Mode also provides each kit element with its own five-slot effects section, with each element able to be processed individually before using the sends and returns for reverbs or bus compression. Lastly, a further five global effects can be applied on the master bus.

Beat Machine is available now from the IK Multimedia online store, as well as approved dealers worldwide, priced at $79.99€79.99.

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