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2HP Slice

2HP Slice, pictured in the middle.2HP Slice, pictured in the middle.

Founded on the principle that good things come in small packages, 2HP specialise in making modules to usefully fill those awkward spaces in your rack. And yes, they’re all 2HP wide, which is just 11.16mm. Some jack plugs are wider than that...

So what does this particular 11.6mm do? Well, it records audio and plays it back as a loop. This loop is triggered by the Trig button or a trigger signal, either in a momentary or latched manner. The size of the loop is controlled by the Size knob or incoming CV, and is variable between a leisurely two bars and a high‑pitched 1/256. And those divisions are relative to the incoming clock because, unlike 2HP’s other audio repeater, Freez, Slice is clockable. That means that in‑time stutter, ratchet and glitch effects are yours to command. It also means that you can S&H the bejesus out of the loop size, feed whatever nonsense you like into the clock input and rejoice in the time‑based noise chaos that ensues. All good fun. 2HP describe the Slice as “click‑less”, the result, they explain of “short, envelope‑based windowing on the slices”, which is useful, but likely to be of greater interest to the subtle stutter crowd than the noise chaos brigade.

As with all 2HP modules the size is a curse as well as a blessing. With all five sockets occupied it can be difficult to reach the Size knob, Trigger button and Triplet switch (there’s a Triplet switch!), but this is more of a ‘control with CV’ module than a freestyling knob‑manipulation performance thing and so this is less of a problem than it could be. As ever, though, the price of entry is low and the bang for HP buck is unbeatable. If you want flashcore mayhem or just the occasional tasteful stutter effect, 2HP’s Slice will get you there.