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March 2023 Magazine Contents

SOS (UK Edition) March 2023

Reviews: Rode NT1 5th Gen mic [front cover] • Audient EVO SP8 • Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave synth • Antares Auto-Tune Pro-X • Audient iD44 MkII • Austrian Audio OC7 & OD5 mics • ADAM Audio A7V monitors • Dangerous Music 2-BUS-XT mixer • Polyend Play sequencer • Two notes ReVolt Guitar & ReVolt Bass pedals • Terry Audio CEQ • Dreamtonics Synthesizer V vocal softsynth • Vintage Vibe Deluxe 73 piano • Wes Audio ngLeveler • Kali Audio IN‑UNF monitors • MusicLab Real Guitar Series 6 • S-CAT Bass‑Synth • Latest sample libraries — and lots more!

Techniques + People: Mix Rescue: Adding Energy • AMD v Intel: CPUs on test • Inside Track: SZA 'Kill Bill' • Understanding Client Feedback • Classic Tracks: Plastikman 'Consumed' • MIDI Mapping For Intuitive Sound Design • How I Got That Sound: Ed Stasium (Living Colour) • Talkback: Owain Fleetwood Jenkins • DAW workshops: Cubase, Studio One, Pro Tools, Reason, Logic Pro — and plenty more!




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