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Logic Pro: Handling Repetition

Apple Logic Pro Tips & Techniques By David Ricard
Published March 2023

The Copy Section Between Locators function copies all the tracks without cutting the regions, and moves the selection to the clipboard.The Copy Section Between Locators function copies all the tracks without cutting the regions, and moves the selection to the clipboard.

Logic offers a number of ways to repeat your notes and phrases.

Since repetition is a major component of music, it makes sense that it would make up a large portion of what goes into creating it. Let’s look at some of the ways in which we handle repetition in Logic Pro.

One of the most essential functions we require in composing is the ability to repeat regions in our arrangements. By simply clicking on a region (or group of regions) and hitting Command+R, you can create a duplicate. Keep hitting this combination to continue making additional copies. If you know that you want an exact number of repeats, you can right‑click on the selection, go to Edit and choose Repeat Regions / Events Multiple Times... From there, type in the number of copies you need.

As you would expect, this behaviour also works on notes in the Piano Roll window as well as in the Notation Editor.

Copy That

I’m sure you all know how to copy and paste regions, but I’ve been surprised to find that many Logic Pro users rely on only one method of doing so, when some of the alternatives might suit them better in certain situations.

Select any region in the arrangement window and hit Command+C. Now move the playhead to wherever you want the region copied to and hit Command+V. Basic stuff. Equally useful is clicking a region and Option‑dragging it to create a copy.

If you want to copy an entire section of your song with all of the tracks included, the most efficient way is to place the locators inside the measures you want to copy, and go to Edit / Cut/Insert Time / Copy Selection Between Locators. You can now hit Command+V to paste wherever you place the playhead. This function eliminates the need to select all of the tracks and cut them before copying.

Record Repeat

If nailing the perfect take gives you fits of frustration, you should acquaint yourself with the Record Repeat function. Open up your Key Command window (Control+K) and search for it. Assign it a command that you can easily remember and, more importantly, type with one hand with minimal contorting. When you are recording yourself, you should consider adopting this as your main recording command.

Here’s a scenario that I used to find myself repeating: I record a few bars of guitar into Logic Pro. The take is horrible. I hit the space bar to stop. I can either Command+Z to undo the recording, or I can click on the region and delete it (and have to click OK when the ‘delete file?’ warning appears) before hitting Record again.


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