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Dynaudio Core 59

Three-way Active Monitors
By Bob Thomas

Dynaudio Core 59

Taking advantage of the very latest design and manufacturing techniques, Dynaudio's new three-way monitors offer an uncompromisingly accurate window into your mixes.

Modern simulation software has given loudspeaker designers the ability to model and evaluate new driver and cabinet design, construction and materials to an absolutely extraordinary level of detail. However accurate a resulting model may be, what really counts is its real-world performance which, up until recently, was always carried out in an anechoic chamber. However, the development of loudspeaker testing based on impulse responses has made it possible to simulate anechoic conditions by shutting off the measurement microphone immediately after it has picked up a broadband impulse (a click-like sound that contains all audio frequencies) but before any room reflections arrive back at the microphone, a technique that is employed by Danish loudspeaker manufacturers Dynaudio in the heart of their R&D centre in Skanderborg: the 13m, three-storey cube that is the Jupiter Free Field Impulse Response Measurement Room.

Inside Jupiter, the loudspeaker (or a multi-loudspeaker system) being tested is hoisted into the centre of the space on a robotic crane arm that can also rotate the unit under test through 360 degrees in the horizontal plane. A second robotic structure — a gigantic array of 31 measurement microphones arranged along a 180–degree arc at six–degree intervals, which rotates in the vertical plane — allows Dynaudio engineers to calculate the spherical radiation of a loudspeaker using multiple impulses, time-selective measurement techniques and the rotation of both the arc array and the test unit.

The first studio monitor to be developed entirely within the R&D centre and the Jupiter facility is the recently released Dynaudio Core 59, a three-way active studio monitor and the largest member of the company's new Core Series.

Shades Of Grey

A Dynaudio Core 59 is not exactly an insubstantial object, the solid bulk of its 280 x 380 x 550 mm dark-grey enclosure weighing in at a hefty 24.6kg. It is a true three-way, Class–D–amplified active monitor whose 5–inch mid-range and 9-inch bass drivers are reflected in its model designation. The Core 59's drivers, each hand-made in Dynaudio's factory in Skanderborg, are all new, having been developed specifically for the Core 59.

Dynaudio's commitment to the soft-dome tweeter is once again in evidence with the Core 59's Esotar Pro, which incorporates aerospace-derived airflow–management techniques in the design of its neodymium magnet, internal venting and damped rear chamber, in order to further reduce back pressure on the rear of its diaphragm. Perhaps the most ingenious piece of the Esotar Pro's design is the Hexis, an inner dome that sits behind...

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Published October 2019