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iZotope RX8

Audio Restoration Software 
[Mac & Windows] By Hugh Robjohns
Published December 2020

The spectral recovery facility, shown before and after, revealing the synthesized HF components.The spectral recovery facility, shown before and after, revealing the synthesized HF components.Spectral Recovery after.Spectral Recovery after processing.

Once again, iZotope have raised the benchmark for affordable audio restoration.

In RX8, iZotope’s boffins have found yet more ways to enhance their remarkable audio restoration software: not only have they upgraded four processing modules, but they’ve created three brand‑new ones. As with previous versions, there are three editions, the simplest and most affordable of which is Elements, and the most fully featured Advanced. Nestling between the two is RX8 Standard. All the features and facilities for each edition are listed at, but I’ll quickly explore the main differences.

By my reckoning, RX8 Elements provides 18 functions, including De‑click, De‑clip, (newly enhanced) De‑hum and Voice De‑noise. It also includes iZotope’s clever Repair Assistant, which analyses the audio file to recommend appropriate repair processing solutions; a very helpful facility for anyone who’s new to audio restoration. A horizontal scrolling action in the Spectrogram view, a new feature common to all editions, uses familiar trackpad swiping gestures found in Mac OS and Windows and makes navigating around large audio files so much quicker and easier.

RX8 Standard boasts a more comprehensive 41 functions and processes, including improved versions of Music Re‑balance and De‑hum. As before, this version can have multiple audio files open in separate tabs. These can be overlaid and processed simultaneously in Composite View: previously, this was limited to 16 tabs but RX8 allows 32, which should appeal to those working with large multichannel projects such as multitrack classical recordings, or surround‑sound formats like Dolby Atmos and HOA. A new feature that’s not included in Elements is the Guitar De‑Noise module, and the renamed Loudness Control module, previously only available in Advanced, is now in Standard too. The Batch Processor and Loudness Control modules have also been substantially enhanced.

The flagship RX8 Advanced boasts 55 functions and processes. In addition to everything already mentioned, it benefits from an improved Dialogue Isolate process and two more brand‑new modules, called Spectral Recovery (see the main screen, above), and Wow and Flutter. Broadly, the extra processing modules exclusive to Advanced are mostly geared towards audio‑for‑video post‑production, and include functions such as Dialogue Contour (correcting speech intonation), Dialogue De‑reverb, De‑rustle, De‑wind, Ambience Match, Centre...

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Published December 2020