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Modartt Organteq

Modelled Virtual Pipe Organ By Gordon Reid
Published July 2020

Modartt Organteq

Does Modartt's Organteq do for the pipe organ what Pianoteq did for the piano?

Recreating the sound of a pipe organ is not easy. In fact, it's bloody difficult. Nonetheless, emulations have improved considerably over recent years although the best of these — whether delivered as huge sample libraries or as physical modelling in traditional console organs — are not cheap. But now Modartt have released Organteq, a physically modelled software instrument that aims to do for pipe organs what Pianoteq has been doing for pianos for the past few years.

The Technology

Supplied as both a plug‑in and as a stand-alone application, Organteq offers a single organ model, presenting you with three five-octave manuals (Positif, Grand Orgue and Récit) plus a 32-note pedalboard (Pédale). Each of these has 10 stops controlling ranks that include principals, flutes, stopped flutes, strings, chimneys, reeds (including a Vox Humana), and mixtures incorporating either three or five ranks with breaks. Pipe lengths range in octaves from 16' to 1' with a flute Quinte and a Bourdon (stopped flute) Nasard at 2-2/3', and you can edit each of the ranks by adjusting the loudness and the fine-tuning of each pipe within it. You can also determine a stop's overall volume and its response to the crescendo pedal. In a novel move Organteq allows you to assign ranks to stops, which makes it possible to duplicate a given rank on a given manual. With subtle detuning this can create some nice 'celeste' voicings. Done less subtly, it takes Organteq to places that no traditional pipe organ ever visited unless the organ builder was deaf, drunk or both. Six couplers are also provided, and you can edit these with control over source, destination, ±1 octave transposition and 'forwarding'...

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Published July 2020