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July 2020 Magazine Contents

SOS US Edition July 2020

Reviews: Roland Jupiter X synth • Toontrack EZbass • Celemony Melodyne 5 • McDSP Moo X & APB-8 • Coleman Audio C4 • dSONIQ Realphones • Lauten Audio LS-208 & LS-308 mics • HEDD Audio HEDDphone • Modartt Organteq • Golden Age Premier GA-800G mic • Spitfire Audio Albion Neo • HUM Audio ARM-1 mics • Elektron Model:Cycles groovebox • AVP Synth ADS-7 Mk2 drum machine • ADAM Audio T8V nearfields • Wes Audio Prometheus • NI Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic • Intellijel Tetrapad & Tête modular • Dirac Live For Studio • JBL IRX108BT PA speaker — and plenty more…

Techniques + People: Mixing On Headphones: A Pro Perspective (front cover) • Tame Impala • 10 Years Of The iPad • Inside Track: Dojo Cat ft. Nicki Minaj ‘Say So’ • 5 Tips For A Less Crowded Mix • Creating Shimmer Reverb Effects • Steve Ouimette: Re-recording Hits For Video Games • Cubase: Delta Monitoring Explained — plus other DAW workshops • [Video Feature] Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Studio Headphones.



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