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Golden Age Premier GA-800G

Valve Microphone By Neil Rogers
Published July 2020

Golden Age Premier GA-800G

The Sony C‑800G is among the greatest vocal mics ever made, but getting hold of one has never been easy. Enter Golden Age, and their faithful recreation...

It's been 15 years since Golden Age Project released their first product, the Pre‑73 mic preamp. During that time, the Swedish company have steadily built a reputation for reimagining high-end outboard and microphones at dramatically more affordable prices than the originals. In recent years, however, they've introduced a more upmarket range of products, under the name Golden Age Premier. This range has seen them combine premium components with hand-built construction, as well as styling and accessories that are a great deal closer to those of their inspirations. This is reflected in a heavier price tag than their Project range, but they still come in significantly cheaper than the original vintage products. They've certainly not been shy with taking on some heavyweight designs under the new branding, and I was impressed with their take on the U47 when I reviewed the GA-47 in SOS November 2018.

Recreating iconic German microphones is a well-trodden path these days, but the company's latest offering sees them taking on a more recent Japanese valve design, and one of the more curious of the 'fantasy' microphones. Curious not only in the looks department but also in the fact that it's a very expensive mic, yet not one most people would describe as 'vintage'.

Launched in 1992, the Sony C‑800G valve capacitor microphone is still available new today, although it's a little unclear whether it's actually in production or if distributors are just holding existing stock. Either way, it's one of the most expensive mics available, and even if you are in a position to pay close to £$10,000 to buy a one new, it might prove difficult: electronic devices sold in the European Union have to be compliant with current ROHS legislation, and the C‑800G is not.

Apart from the price, the most...

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Published July 2020