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Modular Round‑up: Cases

Intellijel Eurorack cases.Intellijel Eurorack cases.

They may seem like an unromantic part of modular — even a frustration, since they can be as expensive as the actual modules — but having the right case can make all the difference to your system, from power to portability to workflow, and ultimately impact the most important thing: your creativity. While it can be tempting to simply opt for a plain, box‑style case every time your system requires another 3U of rack space (particularly if you’re on a budget), it’s worth remembering there are a host of manufacturers out there, each offering inventive takes on the humble Eurorack case. Here are just a few...

Intellijel Palette

Intellijel’s range of sturdy and portable compact cases promises to facilitate “powerful but focused mini‑systems and control surfaces”, and they’re not wrong. Available in 62HP or 104HP sizes in either silver or black, the Palette has rows for both 1U and 3U modules, as well as an array of useful patch points and sockets at the top. The 62HP version has two buffered mults, expansion sockets for both USB and TRS MIDI and balanced quarter‑inch audio input and output sockets. Intellijel also offer lids and padded gig bags, sold separately, for the complete Palette package.

4ms Pod

4ms Pod4ms Pod housing a 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator module.

The Intellijel Palette isn’t the only compact case out there: 4ms’ Pod cases range in size from 64HP all the way down to a minuscule 20HP, small enough to encourage modules to be thought of and played as standalone tabletop instruments. This can be incredibly useful in the modern era of Eurorack, where some modules, such as the Make Noise Morphagene or Intellijel Atlantis, can capably work by themselves. Made of sleek, black anodised aluminium, Pods are available either powered or unpowered, and can be daisy‑chained together as your setup expands.

Arturia Rackbrute

Arturia Rackbrute 6U.Arturia Rackbrute 6U.

It can be difficult to know how best to configure your system if you’re integrating it with a semi‑modular hardware synth, keeping all the patch points of both within easy reach of one another.

With the Rackbrute, Arturia have come up with a clever solution called the Link fastening system; a means by which the case can be fastened snugly to the side panels of either the Minibrute 2 or Minibrute 2S synthesizers to hover over the top, moveable to whichever angle is most comfortable. Don’t own a Minibrute 2 or 2S? No problem: Rackbrute cases, available in 3U or 6U, can stand up clear of the tabletop by themselves and are also linkable with one another for a flexible, portable and expandable powered case.

Tiptop Happy Ending Kit

Tiptop Audio Happy Ending KitTiptop Audio Happy Ending Kit.

If you’re needing a no‑frills, budget‑friendly case solution then Tiptop Audio’s Happy Ending Kit may be for you. A simple set of 84HP rails, it’s definitely not for travelling, but in the safety of the studio it can either stand up on its own or be mounted into a 19‑inch rack alongside your other studio hardware — preferable, in fact, if you’d rather save table space. It includes a 4HP uZeus PSU with two flying bus boards, too.