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Mutable Instruments Marbles

Eurorack Module
Published January 2019
By Paul Nagle

Mutable Instruments Marbles. Size: 18HP. Current: +12V = 80mA, -12V = 20mA.Mutable Instruments Marbles. Size: 18HP. Current: +12V = 80mA, -12V = 20mA.

It's hard to imagine any modular system not benefiting from a dash of randomness. In olden times, this typically meant slapping in a module that periodically sampled noise and extracted random voltages. These days, this functionality is often built into LFOs, so any 'random' module needs to do a little more. Fortunately, when it comes to doing a little more, Mutable Instruments are always worth a look.

Marbles offers three streams of triggers/gates and four voltages, to which multiple behavioural characteristics are applied by turning knobs and receiving voltage. The module's left‑hand side deals with triggers and gates, with the opposite side doling out random and not-so-random patterns. Positioned above this architecture is an apparently simple yet effective tool, Deja Vu, which makes it possible to reuse some (or all) of the random seeding decisions. Impressively, none of this is complicated. So while it's worth ploughing through the manual on day one, the rewards are available from the outset.

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Published January 2019