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ShroomTech Microphone NC Controller

Remote Controlled Mic Positioner
Published November 2017
By Neil Rogers

ShroomTech say the remote control can operate the robot from 100m away.ShroomTech say the remote control can operate the robot from 100m away.

Ever dreamed of having a robotic studio assistant? Polish company ShroomTech have made that dream a reality...

As anyone who’s done even a little bit of recording with a microphone should know, moving the microphone in relation to the source you’re capturing can make a great deal of difference to the sound. The traditional method has always been to place your mic about the source — be that an instrument, singer, amp or whatever — then listen, then adjust the placement to taste. If you have someone to assist, this can be quite straightforward; you direct them in moving the mic whilst listening to the sound over your monitors in the control room. If you’re flying solo, though, it can quickly become tedious — you either have to keep walking between rooms making small adjustments (which can suck the life out of a session, and potentially lead you to make do with an OK sound instead of a great one), or to attempt to separate the sound you’re hearing over headphones from the sound in the room, which is always going to be a compromise.

As trying as all that may sound, getting the sound right at source in this way is an...

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Published November 2017