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Subpac M2X

Tactile Subwoofer
Published May 2018
By Mike Crofts

Subpac M2X

Low frequencies are the weak point of nearly every home and project studio — could this unique tactile subwoofer give you the edge?

There are various ways headphone listening can mislead you at mixdown, one of the most commonly cited reasons being that cans can’t deliver the same physical sensation of bass that you get when cranking up a speaker system. Your trouser legs don’t flap about. The kick drum doesn’t give you that satisfying thump in the chest. The contents of your lava lamp don’t emulsify. In response to these concerns (well, the first two, at least), the manufacturers Subpac have developed a number of ‘haptic’ transducers to help silently recreate the tactile effects of low-frequency playback. There’s clearly a consumer market for this kind of thing amongst immersive-audio film/game enthusiasts and anyone who actually finds Beats headphones a bit anaemic, but how does the concept fare when you’re more concerned with making critical mix decisions, and less with shaking your pacemaker to destruction?

Let’s Get Physical

The Subpac technology comes in several different forms: there’s the S2, which straps the vibration driver to the back of your studio chair, and the M2, which straps it directly to your back like a rucksack. As a self-righteous posture freak in possession of a ridiculous bouncy swivel...

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Published May 2018