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VHT Special 6 | Media

Low-powered Valve Guitar Amplifier By Sam Inglis
Published May 2011

With these short clips I've tried to give examples of some typical sounds that can be obtained from the VHT Special 6 head and sealed-back cabinet, using an old Tokai Telecaster copy with single-coil pickups and an even older Ibanez Artist with humbuckers in a Les Paul-style configuration. The examples labelled 'pull boost' had the Volume control pulled out, bypassing the Special 6's tone stack. All the examples used full power (pentode) rather than low power (triode) mode.

I also took the chance to do a not-very-scientific shootout of three popular dynamic microphones that are often used for amp miking: the Shure SM57, Beyerdynamic M201 and Sennheiser MD509 (which is exactly the same mic as the more common MD409). These were placed about an inch from the grille cloth, not angled, in a semi-circle around the centre of the speaker cone. All three were recorded through a Focusrite ISA828 preamp.