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Waverley Instruments Guitar Gig Bag Plus

Amp & Effects Modules For Voltage Modular By Paul White
Published October 2022

Waverley Instruments Guitar Gig Bag Plus

Cherry Audio’s virtual modular environment gains a range of affordable, high‑quality guitar‑oriented processors.

Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular is a free‑to‑download virtual rack environment which can host any of Cherry’s plug‑in synth and effects modules. Modules can be connected to the rack and to each other via virtual patch cords so, conceptually, it’s much like a modular synth system — except that it’s been implemented entirely in software.

Independent developers Waverley Instruments have now created a number of their own modules for this environment, and they’re available to buy directly from the Cherry Audio site. These ones are inspired by guitar pedals and amplifiers, which might extend the appeal of Voltage Modular to a wider audience, but they work very well in conjunction with synth modules too. Called Guitar Gig Bag Plus, the collection is priced at $30, but individual modules cost only $5 for effects and $10 for the amp sims. (The Portasonus module, which I mention briefly below, isn’t included in any bundle yet but may be purchased individually.)

In The Bag

Designer Rob Jackson told me that, rather than go down the forensic amp‑modelling route, his approach to developing this collection was more like the analogue sound-shaping used in products such as Tech 21’s SansAmp; even the speaker simulators in the amp models work by emulating analogue filters, rather than using the now more common impulse response (IR) approach.

The bundle comprises 10 pedal modules and two amps, which are designed to work in mono or stereo. Most have a relatively small number of controls, which is similar to what you might expect to find on a pedal or amplifier front panel, and they can be bypassed when not in use. In no particular order, then, let’s start with Scruncher. This is a two‑knob (Crunch and Squash) dynamics processor module, combining a crunchy sounding compressor and a brickwall limiter. Smoothie is, as the name suggests, a smoother‑sounding compressor — a one‑knob type, which also sports a wet/dry mix control. Dirtverb also does much as the name implies, generating lo‑fi reverb by adding distortion to vintage spring reverb, with a choice of routing options, while Echoverb combines echo and reverb effects designed to enhance the stereo soundstage with delays of up to three seconds and a choice of routing options for the two sections.

Tremoverb combines a typical amp‑style tremolo with an emulated spring reverb, with a routing switch that flips the order of the tremolo and reverb sections, and a switch to invert the polarity of the tremolo applied to one channel — this produces a panning effect. OK...

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