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Sequencers / Grooveboxes

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    NI Maschine Studio

    Groove Workstation

    Native Instruments take their hybrid groove machine to another level with new hardware and a big software update.

    Reviews Mar 2014
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    Electro-Harmonix 8 Step Program

    CV Sequencer

    The tiny 8 Step Program is capable of all sorts of creative CV control.

    Reviews Feb 2014
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    Doepfer Dark Time

    Step Sequencer

    The Doepfer Dark Time looks and behaves like an analogue sequencer, but its digital heart means there's more to it than meets the eye.

    Reviews Aug 2013
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    Q. What’s a modern equivalent to the Quasimidi Polymorph?

    I'm an ambient musician looking for an addition to my synth collection. I'm interested in the Quasimidi Polymorph, yet they...

    Sound Advice Jul 2013
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    Elektron Analog Four.

    Elektron Analog Four

    Analogue Synthesizer

    Not a company to do things by half, Elektron have combined their first analogue synth with an incredibly versatile sequencer.

    Reviews May 2013
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    Akai iMPC

    Sampling Workstation App For iPad

    With a long and enviable pedigree in hardware sampling and sequencing, the Akai MPC range has finally gone soft...

    Reviews Mar 2013
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    Akai MPC Renaissance.

    Akai MPC Renaissance

    Sampling Workstation.

    The legendary MPC brand is reborn in a form that aims to marry its famous hands-on ethos with the unlimited possibilities of the software world. Does the combination work?

    Reviews Feb 2013
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    Steinberg Sequel 3

    Loop‑based Music Production Software For Mac & PC

    Steinberg’s Sequel is one of many simple but intuitive loop‑based music programs. What’s new in version 3 — the sequel to the sequel to Sequel?

    Reviews Jan 2012
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    Elektron Octatrack DPS1

    Performance Sampler

    Swedish synthesists Elektron have turned their attention to sampling — and, with characteristic individuality, have created something quite unique.

    Reviews Oct 2011
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    Creating A Step Sequencer | How To Create Scripts In NI Kontakt, Part 4


    In the final part of this short series, we investigate a more advanced use of scripting to create a simple step sequencer. • Read Part 1 • Read Part 2 • Read Part 3

    Techniques Oct 2010
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    Native Instruments Maschine 1.5

    Groove Workstation

    NI have updated Maschine — so is it now all we thought it could be?

    Reviews Aug 2010
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    Analogue Solutions Europa

    Hardware Step Sequencer

    Analogue Solutions get back to basics with their new sequencer, the Europa.

    Reviews Jul 2010
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    Native Instruments Maschine

    Groove Workstation

    Native Instruments's hybrid hardware and software beat machine promises the best of both worlds. Does it deliver?

    Reviews Jun 2009
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    Genoqs Nemo

    MIDI Performance Sequencer

    Genoqs take a unique approach to hardware sequencing, as weve seen previosuly from their Octopus sequencer. Now theyre back with a smaller and far more affordable model: the Nemo.

    Reviews Feb 2009
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    Yamaha Tenori-On

    Hardware Sequencer

    Just when you think you've seen it all, Yamaha come straight at you out of left field with an instrument unlike any other. But is the Tenori-On a musical revolution in the making or a white (flashing) elephant?

    Reviews Feb 2008
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    Roland MV8800

    Production Studio

    Have Roland finally outgunned Akai's renowned MPC series in the battle for the hip-hop market?

    Reviews Oct 2007
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    Steinberg Sequel

    Loop-based Recording Software [Mac OS X & Windows]

    Steinberg have drawn on some of the technologies they pioneered in Cubase 4 to create a new entry-level sequencing package.

    Reviews Jul 2007
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    Image Line FL Studio 7

    PC Music Creation & Production Environment

    The latest version of Image Line's affordable FL Studio music software adds a powerful resampling editor and processor, plus some neat plug-ins.

    Reviews Jun 2007
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    Akai MPC500

    Sampling Workstation

    Akai's famed Music Production Centre goes mini...

    Reviews May 2007
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    Roland MC808

    Sampling Groovebox

    Roland take their MC concept further with new features, flying faders and computer integration. Let's explore...

    Reviews May 2007
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    Genoqs Octopus

    Hardware Sequencer

    If you want a unique approach to hardware sequencing or a charming accessory for the bridge of your alien mothership, the Genoqs Octopus could be just what you're looking for...

    Reviews Mar 2007


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