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Audio Examples From Cubase Techniques December 2009 By John Walden
Published December 2009

Here is a selection of audio files to accompany this month's Cubase Technique (/sos/dec09/articles/cubasetech_1209.htm)

Performance Loop Audio icon performanceloop.mp3

This loop contains a nice performance, and was the pattern used for other musicians to overdub their parts against (so we need to retain this groove), but the sounds themselves sound a little flat, as the original recording was hit rather too hard with a compressor.

Sounds Loop Audio icon soundsloop.mp3

Having started to mix, it's clear that the drum sounds themselves are not strong enough — so how about the more 'rawk' orientated sounds found in this loop?

Loop with Replaced Sounds Audio icon loopwithreplacedsounds.mp3

This is the result of the Groove Agent One-based drum replacement — where key sounds from the 'performance' loop have been replaced by drum hits from the 'sounds' loop. It has improved matters, but the greater ambience on the snare sound now sounds like it is being gated by the slicing process. This might be fine is some musical contexts (very '80s Phil Collins) but a little extra processing, such as some global reverb, might help smooth things out for a more natural sound. Equally, the snare slice used could be edited to fade the ambience out more naturally.

Loop with Layered Sounds Audio icon loopwithlayeredsounds.mp3

You can also try blending the kick and snare hits from the 'sounds' loop with those of the 'performance' loop. This produces a much more natural result, but both the kick and snare sounds now have much more impact than in the original 'performance' loop: job done!

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