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Inside The Abbey Road Reverb Chamber

Located deep in the heart of Abbey Road Studios, the original Studio Two echo chamber has lent its rich ambience to everyone from Cliff Richard to the Beatles. Resurrected in the 1990s, it’s a part of recording history and a unique resource for today’s artists and producers.

In our exclusive video, Mirek Stiles explains how EMI’s studio boffins developed their secret weapon, and puts it through its paces on drums, guitars, vocals and more.


00:00 - What Is An Echo Chamber?
01:30 - Abbey Road Reverb Development & Use
04:31 - Listening To The Studio 2 Echo Chamber
06:03 - Abbey Road Echo Chambers
08:24 - Snare Sound
09:10 - Has The Space And Usage Changed?
11:06 - What Are The Pipes For?
12:08 - Synths With The Echo Chamber
13:10 - Microphone & Speaker Setup
14:43 - Guitar Sound
16:31 - Waves Abbey Road Reverb Plug-in
17:15 - Full Mix With Reverb

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