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Logic Pro: Housekeeping Tips

Apple Logic Pro X Tips & Techniques By Paul White
Published March 2022

A virtual declutter will massively improve your Logic experience!

As regular readers may know, I usually spend Christmas stripping out unused gear and cables in the studio, but as I moved house a few months back, forcing me to set up the studio from scratch, there’s very little excess kit left to remove. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t tidying up to be done in the virtual world, and in the case of my Logic Pro universe, there was plenty of room for improvement!

Sample Management

My first port of call was to try to bring some order to my sample library. This serves the successor to EXS24, now called simply Sampler. Sampler content comes in two parts: the individual samples that are used for the patch and the Sampler Instrument file that contains data showing how the samples are mapped and so on.

Any folders you create inside the Sampler Instruments folder will show up in your Sampler instruments list as soon as you put the relevant EXS instrument files in them.Any folders you create inside the Sampler Instruments folder will show up in your Sampler instruments list as soon as you put the relevant EXS instrument files in them.The samples are folders of AIFF files that can go pretty much anywhere, so I keep all mine (other than the factory samples) on an external drive. All the stuff I’ve created myself goes into a Paul’s Samples folder, with sub‑folders inside. If you stick with the default, Logic installs its factory samples into Library / Application Support / Logic, and if your system drive is big enough then you may as well put your own samples here too. Instrument files for the factory sounds are also installed here. As we shall see, user‑created Sampler Instruments go elsewhere.

Although Logic doesn’t really care where the samples live, it is quite particular about where the Sampler Instrument files reside. Fortunately the Instrument files, which are in EXS format, are fairly small so you won’t need to move them from their location on your main drive.

If you’ve ever used Auto Sampler, Logic will create an Auto Sampled folder for the corresponding Sampler Instruments, and that can be located using the file path Users / Name / Music / Audio Music Apps / Sampler Instruments / Auto Sampled.

While there are many ways to go about organising your samples, my approach is to create additional folders to sit alongside the Auto Sampled folder, inside the Sampler Instruments folder, with names such as Pads, Leads, Basses, Drum Loops and so on. If these remain empty they won’t show up in Logic’s Sampler, but as soon as you put EXS instrument files in them, they’ll appear at the bottom of the list in the same section as Auto Sampled and Garage Band.

You can move any Logic Sampler Instrument files you’ve imported or created in Auto Sampler into your own folders. I also tend to move or copy things from the various Sampler Instruments folders found in individual song folders into these new folders, just to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

It is also worth going through the Samples folders in your various song folders, as you may well find lots of duplicates of samples you’ve already copied to your main library (or copies of the factory samples, come to that), and you can save a lot of space by deleting these. As long as you have the samples in your main sample library, there’s no advantage in also storing the...

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