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Mix Rescue: Barry Martin | Audio Files

Hear For Yourself By Paul White
Published January 2009

Here are the links to the MP3 and WAV files that accompany the January 2009 Mix Rescue article for our newsstand/bookstore readers who do not have eSub-access to the main web article and don't fancy typing in all the long URLs by hand.

BassGuitar Orig Audio icon bassguitarorig.mp3

Barry's original, unprocessed bass guitar part.

BassGuitar Compressed Pod Farm Audio icon bassguitarcompressedpodfarm.mp3

Paul White's processed bass guitar part.

Bass Guitar Fuzz Flange Audio icon bassguitarfuzzflange.mp3

The fuzz/flage-processed bass part that Paul used to differentiate the different parts of the song.

Devils Train Original Audio icon devilstrainoriginal.mp3

Barry's initial mix of Devil's Train.

Devil Train SOS Mix Audio icon deviltrainsosmix.mp3

Paul White's Mix Rescue remix of Devil's train.

EZ Drums Orig Audio icon ezdrumsorig.mp3

The original EZ Drummer part.

EZ Drumsprocessed Audio icon ezdrumsprocessed.mp3

The 'rescued' EZ Drummer part in Paul's remix.

FX Vocals Audio icon fxvocals.mp3

The new effected vocal part, including the eerie reverse reverb effect.

Guitar Part Orig Audio icon guitarpartorig.mp3

The original guitar part.

Guitar Part Processed Audio icon guitarpartprocessed.mp3

The guitars as processed by Paul White.