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Pro Tools: New Bundled Plug-ins

Avid Pro Tools Tips & Techniques
By Julian Rodgers

Bundled Up

The latest Pro Tools release gives Ultimate subscribers a wealth of
 new plug-ins to enjoy.

If you're anything like me, you probably enjoy a strange relationship with the contents of your plug-in folder. Of all the new features in Pro Tools 2018.7, the one that had the most impact on my day-to-day use of Pro Tools was the new plug-in search facility. Just click on an insert slot (or send, or I/O slot) and start typing and you'll receive up to 20 search results based on your search string. The ironic thing is that I use the search facility mostly to find one of the 10 plug-ins I use all the time but struggle to find manually because of the couple of hundred other plug-ins I have on my system that I hardly use! Even so, if an interesting new plug-in is announced I still manage to convince myself that I need it.

In a previous article I was singing the praises of the stock seven-band EQIII, which I use in preference to 'better' plug-ins precisely because it is a stock plug-in and, as such, everyone who has Pro Tools has it. The value of stock plug-ins is hard to overstate if you collaborate with other Pro Tools users, and for this reason, when Avid announced that with the release of Pro Tools 2018.4, all Ultimate users with an active subscription and customers on active Software Updates + Support Plans got the Avid Complete Plug-in Bundle, I saw a value over and above the contents of the bundle itself. The fact that everyone with a current Ultimate subscription now has these plug-ins means that the library of what can be considered 'stock' plug-ins has grown substantially.

The Complete Plug-ins Bundle

Avid describe the bundle as containing "more than 75" plug-ins. Many of these...

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Published January 2019