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Pro Tools Tips & Techniques By Mike Thornton
Published April 2013

Now you can get your music to the outside world without ever leaving Pro Tools!

Among the features added to Pro Tools 10 were several intended to make collaboration easier, including Add to iTunes Library, Share With SoundCloud and, in 10.3.3, Share With Gobbler. The first of these is also the simplest: when the Add to iTunes Library option is selected in the Bounce to Disk window, the bounced file will be copied to your local iTunes library. Note that this option is only available if the Bounce Source is set to a mono or stereo path, and Format is set to either Mono (Summed) or Interleaved. The option will remain greyed out if you're trying to export in a format that iTunes doesn't support, such as split L/R or surround,If you want to add your bounced mixes to iTunes, you'll need to export them in a compatible format.If you want to add your bounced mixes to iTunes, you'll need to export them in a compatible format. and, unlike the other options we are looking at in this workshop, this one is not available in the Export Selected As Files window.

When you click OK, Pro Tools will ask where you want to save the bounced file, as usual. When Pro Tools has finished bouncing the file, it will open iTunes and the file will be copied into your iTunes Library.

Cloud Nine

SoundCloud is one of the most popular sites for sharing audio files, which can be made public for general consumption or restricted to a select group of users. SoundCloud's sharing tools let you feature your tracks or playlists on any web site, including social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

When the Send To SoundCloud option is selected in Pro Tools 10's Bounce to Disk or Export Selected As Files windows, the chosen file is automatically uploaded to your SoundCloud account. If you do not have an account, you can even create one for free from within Pro Tools. As with iTunes, make sure you are using Mono (Summed) or Stereo Interleaved file formats, and from the Share With drop-down menu, select SoundCloud. If you aren't already logged into SoundCloud, you will need to enter your login details, and then fill out the Share With SoundCloud metadata window. (You can also log into SoundCloud or Gobbler from within Pro Tools at any time using the Connect To… option in the Setup menu.)The Export Selected Files... option lets you share your files with SoundCloud or Gobbler.The Export Selected Files... option lets you share your files with SoundCloud or Gobbler. The Downloadable option allows you to make your track downloadable from SoundCloud. If this option is not selected, users will only be able to stream your track. Enable the Private Track option if you want your track available only to specific people. You can enter the email addresses of the people you want to have access to your track, separating multiple addresses with commas.

Once your file is uploaded, Pro Tools will give the option to copy the URL for the SoundCloud file, so you can use it in an email or web link. If you ticked the option to send an email, your collaborators will receive an email with clickable links in it. Note that SoundCloud streams 128k MP3s, but if you upload an uncompressed file, downloads will be in the same uncompressed format.

Share With Gobbler

Gobbler is a cloud-based backup, transfer, and collaboration tool for managing audio projects and their media assets, which was covered in the September 2011 issue of SOS (/sos/sep11/articles/pt-0911.htm), and which, as of v10.3.3, is now directly integrated in Pro Tools, letting you share your bounced and exported audio files over the Internet using the Share With Gobbler option. Gobbler can also send Pro Tools sessions and audio files to collaborators over the Internet. When installed, the Gobbler application can be configured to scan your system to locate and automatically back up your Pro Tools sessions and associated media files. Currently, Mac users get the benefit that Gobbler will include files that are in the session but outside the session audio files folder. This feature will come to Windows users soon.

Again, file sharing using Gobbler works only with Mono Summed and Interleaved files, so set your file formats and bit depth appropriately and choose Gobbler from the Share With drop-down menu. If you are not logged into Gobbler, you will be asked for your login details, and can create a new free account from here if you don't have one already.

Click on the Connect button. Your Status will change to Connected and the Gobbler application will open, showing the Send Files window with the appropriate file already listed. Add an appropriate message, and include the email address for the recipient too. If you select the Make Available For Public Download option, then anyone with the link can download the file, although the link will expire after 7 days or 20 downloads, whichever comes first. If you don't tick this box, only Gobbler users will be able to access the link (the basic 5GB Gobbler account is free). You can check on the upload progress from the Uploads and Downloads window in Gobbler, and once your file has been uploaded, Gobbler will send your recipient an email with a big download button.

Sending Sessions To Gobbler

Entire Pro Tools Projects can be transferred via Gobbler.Entire Pro Tools Projects can be transferred via Gobbler.

Pro Tools 10.3.3 also lets you send your Pro Tools Projects (sessions, as they used to be called) and associated media using the Send To Gobbler command. This is great for collaborating with someone on a project, as it enables you to transfer the complete project with the relevant media files, so they can have full access to it on their systemr.

To send a session from Pro Tools using Gobbler, choose the Send To Gobbler option from the File menu in Pro Tools. In a similar way to using 'Share with Gobbler', the Send Files window of the Gobbler application will open, but this time with the Project pre-loaded into the window. Again, you can enter any notes into the description box, and the destination email address. It's currently not possible to archive or back up sessions to Gobbler from within Pro Tools, but the developers are working on this.   

eBook Review:Pro Tools In One Hour (Coffee Break Included)

Simone Corelli's ebook has existed in Kindle format since November 2012, and is now available in an improved iPad version. The book starts with a brief history and a very useful outline of the different versions of Pro Tools, before moving on to describe the main aspects of the program, beginning with the mixer. This chapter includes a great description of the I/O Setup window; this has got more and more complex over the years, and Simone's outline of how it works is very useful. Chapter 3 covers the different elements of the Edit window, before the following chapter starts to explain how to use Pro Tools. A particular highlight is one of the clearest graphical explanations I have seen of what is going on in a crossfade. After that, the eBook goes through all the Pro Tools menu options, the Preferences window, keyboard shortcuts, troubleshooting and more. (However, the shortcuts given are for the Mac version, with no Windows alternatives.)

Simone has made good use of the platform: some of his diagrams are interactive, allowing you to tap to zoom in for more detail on the selected item. The book is comprehensive, but compact and simple to understand, and even as someone who knows Pro Tools well, I can see me having it to hand when I want to look something up, rather than going into the Pro Tools Reference Guide.

Pro Tools In One Hour (Coffee Break Included) is available worldwide from Apple's iBookstore in English for £6.99$8.99.

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