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Reaper: Hiding The Edit | Editing Walkthrough

Reaper Tips & Techniques By Mike Senior
Published January 2011

In the January 2011 issue of Sound On Sound, Mike Senior looked at the best ways to hide audio edits in Reaper (/sos/jan11/articles/reaper-tech-0111.htm). This bonus material gives a step-by-step visual walkthrough of the technique introduced in the 'Advanced Edits' section.

Hiding The Edit | Editing WalkthroughIn picture one you can see a raw edit within a sustained pitched note; the waveform mismatch results in an ugly click. To remedy this, overlap the Items to compare their waveforms, as shown in picture two.

Hiding The Edit | Editing WalkthroughSlide the waveform of the later Item to match that of the earlier Item, as seen in picture three.

Hiding The Edit | Editing WalkthroughNow crossfade over a couple of cycles, as in picture four.

Hiding The Edit | Editing WalkthroughIf the 'X' of the crossfade looks curved in any way then select straight fades instead using the drop-down fade menu: see picture five.

Hiding The Edit | Editing Walkthrough 

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