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RME Babyface Pro - Musikmesse 2015
24-Channel, 192 kHz bus-powered USB 2 audio interface
Dirty Technologies Dirty Box - Musikmesse 2015
16x2 summing mixer with various distortion circuits and and high-quality, two-channel DI.
Focal Trio6 Be - Musikmesse 2015
Three-way active studio monitors with two-in-one operation.
Roland Modulars - Musikmesse 2015
Roland Aira System-1m, new Aira effects modules and analogue System 500 modules. For those with short attention spans, audio starts at 3.46.
Audient ASP800 - Musikmesse 2015
8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier and ADC with HMX & IRON
Zynaptiq Unmix::Drums - Musikmesse 2015
Plug-in for suppressing or boosting drums in mixed music, in real-time.
Modal Electronics 008 - Musikmesse 2015
British-made eight-voice analogue synthesizer
UA Apollo Thunderbolt 2 Interfaces - Musikmesse 2015
Next-generation Apollo 8, Apollo 8p, and Apollo 16 Thunderbolt 2 interfaces launched. New Apollo 8p features eight preamps with Unison preamp-modelling technology.
PreSonus StudioLive CS18AI - Musikmesse 2015
Control Surface for StudioLive RM Mixers & Studio One
Eve Audio SC203 - Musikmesse 2015
Desktop two-way speakers
Roland Boss SY300 - Musikmesse 2015
Polyphonic Guitar Synthesizer pedal
Munro Sonic Egg 100 - Musikmesse 2015
Egg-shaped near-field monitoring system with four-inch drivers.
Mackie Pro FX Series V2 - Musikmesse 2015
Live mixers with the all-new preamps and effects engine plus tools like GEQ and USB recording/playback
Aodyo Sylphyo - Musikmesse 2015
Wind instrument controller.
Audient iD14 - Musikmesse 2015
Two channel interface with controller knob.
IGS Audio 500 Series units - Musikmesse 2015
Rubber Bands, Bison and WS1
Roland JD-XA - Musikmesse 2015
Roland flagship digital and analogue hybrid synthesizer
Ferrofish A32 - Musikmesse 2015
AD/DA Converter
Modal 001 - Musikmesse 2015
Two-voice duophonic and bitimbral synthesizer
Iso Acoustics Aperta Series - Musikmasse 2015
Sculpted aluminum acoustic isolation stands
Softube Heartbeat (with demo) - Musikmesse 2015
Software drum synth - product rundown and demo
SPL Iron - Musikmesse 2015
Variable-Mu Mastering Compressor
Bitwig Studio 1.2 - Musikmesse 2015
Group tracks, more browsing options and more
Audio Technica AT2020 USBi - Musikmesse 2015
USB microphone with iOS compatibility
SSL Delta Control System - Musikmesse 2015
Software automation control for Duality Delta desk
Novation Launchkey - Musikmesse 2015
Keyboard controller for producing electronic music in Ableton Live
SSL LMC+ - Musikmesse 2015
Enhanced 500 series version of the classic Listen Mic Compressor

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